MP3 Freeloader: The Nautical Mile Sunday, July 5 at hi-dive

There is definitely a critical mass of precocious radio-friendly pop rock bands along the front range. Add Boulder-by-way-of-Ft Collins band Nautical Mile to the rapidly expanding roster of bands vying for your attention. Featuring Rachel Cummings providing the frontman, er, frontwoman duties (and doing a damn fine job I might add), along with the young but refreshingly polished supporting cast of guitarist James Anderson, drummer Austin Rosen, guitarist Jake Putnicki and bassist Zach Flower.

As tempting as it is to list other pop rock bands such as Paramore, Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne as obvious soundalikes, Nautical Mile's music leans more towards the economical side (in a good way). For one thing, the young band employs more obvious musical effort from the backing band than your typical radio-ready pop rock band thus allowing the lead vocals to not have to sound as shrill or annoying as the song fare from Kelly Clarkson and other pop songstresses of that ilk. What surprises the most is that this young band is only six months out of the gate and already in possession of a core group of fans from its hometown(s) of Boulder and Fort Collins.

You'd be right to expect bigger things for sure when the band hits the Blasting Room Studios in the next few months to record with the expert touch of Andrew Berlin and Christopher Jak. Enjoy the band's song "Rhythm" below and catch the outfit live at an all ages show this Sunday, July 5, at the hi-dive.



by The Nautical Mile

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.