MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, CacheFlowe CD release party at Beta

Tonight at Beta, local experimental electronic auteur CacheFlowe is releasing his new dubstep EP Cache, Stacks and Queues. It features a collaboration with Brer Rabbit of Flobots and a remix by Planet Mu dubstep artist Starkey, who will be headlining the event. And as an extra special treat for those electronic heads that know and love their roots, CacheFlowe has prepped a special treat: a dubstep cover of the Kraftwerk classic "Computer World." He co-produced the track with The Tickler, another local artist, and it's getting its world premiere tonight. The cover is $10, and copies of the disc and T-shirts will be available. For more information visit the Plastic Sound Supply web site. While we can't give you the Kraftwerk cover (yet -- check back next week, hopefully), here's a free download another slice of dubstep goodness that CacheFlowe will be dropping tonight. Scaffolding - "Microbes" (CahceFlowe remix) (Right click or option+ click and choose "Save FIle As"). Enjoy!
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