MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, the Calf Branders CD release party at the Skylark

This evening at the Skylark, the members of Colorado's rowdier rockabilly inspired country bands, the Calf Branders, will be tucking in their cowboy shirts, plugging in their Fender Twins and kicking off a party to celebrate the release of their new disc, the fittingly titled, It's Time to Party. Self described as "a band from Fondis, Colorado, where the jukebox broke down in 1962," the Calf Branders are actually a collection of well known musicians from other bands featuring founding member Lance Romance (from the Hillbilly Hellcats), Tony Nascar (from the Railbenders), and Christian and Buddy (former alums of the Foggy Mountain Fuckers). Unlike a typical show, there is no opening act tonight. "We finally get to open for ourselves and play all night," says Brander's band leader Lance Romance. If songs about driving big rigs, getting blurry eyed on whiskey and keeping country real are your brand of hooch, saddle up and get on down to the Skylark tonight and the Calf Branders will show you just how small town boys get 'er done. Give a listen to the title track from the new record after the jump.

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