Myke Charles & DJ Chonz

Lift Off, the latest effort from Myke Charles, is better than good. In fact, it's probably one of the best projects to come out of the scene this year. DJ Chonz is Charles's collaborator on the cuts, mixing and magically sewing each track together with scary precision. Check for the end of "Don't Be a Stranger," where the horns from French Montana's "Shot Caller" usher in Charles's verses over the beat for "Astronauts." Charles can rap all damn day, as evidenced on "C.L.A.P." and "Scars," in which he implores a fly dark chick to scramble his eggs and boasts that not even Chris Bosh can guard him. The MC can also sing the paint off the walls, as on the Fo Chief-assisted "Crash Course," and he absolutely owns "Flower Bomb," his rendition of the Wale track. With an unstoppable rhyme flow and perfect beat selection (the originals and industry joints), Myke Charles might just steal the game with this mixtape. Swish.

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