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Naked and Shameless

So there's this whiskey-drinking, truck-driving nun hauling ass down Highway 9. She's low on cash, so she starts turning tricks for gas at the Flying J. Then, while watching perverts on the street, she has a holy vision...

Okay, so right about now, you're probably thinking, "Get to the punchline, pal." Thing is, there ain't one. This salacious scenario is being played out on "The Ballad of the Trucking Nun," a dirty little ditty by these cats named Buck Naked and Dave Shameless -- or Naked and Shameless, as the two are known professionally. Some say the scoundrels first met at an Indonesian karaoke bar and somehow ended up in Chicago. Whatever their history, since then Naked and Shameless have been trucking down the hillbilly highway like a couple of drunk Mojo Nixons hopped up on meth, doing what they do best: drinking beers and chasing tail. Along the way, they've managed to document their boozy exploits on four releases, including their latest, Drink, Fight, Fuck, which contains a chicken-fried romp through Radiohead's "Creep."

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