New club alert: Satori opening tonight in the former Rockstar Lounge space at 940 Lincoln

Last June, the Rockstar Lounge closed after a year-and-a-half run. The spot is reopening tonight at Satori, after having been repainted and having the furniture reupholstered, in addition to having a new DJ booth built and a state of the art lighting and sound system installed. Prior to housing the Rockstar Lounge, the space was once home to an array of clubs, including Zen Ultra Lounge and DC-10.

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"Satori is a Buddhist term for enlightenment," says co-owner Bryan Barker. "So that's kind of the concept we're going with. We're not going all Buddha about it, but we are doing it like a posh club yet comfortable club, and not too glamorous."

Co-owner Luciana Alves adds that Satori will be a music, art and culture center and there will be classes in meditation, yoga as well Zumba during the day. Starting next week, Satori will host live local and international bands on Wednesdays, ladies night on Thursdays, techno, house and electro DJs on Fridays, and bass music -- DJs playing dubstep and drum and bass -- on Saturdays. Look for the official grand opening on the weekend of October 5. Keep reading for a first look inside the revamped space:

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