New EDM from Mantaray, Spencer Foreman/DJ Wushu, Big Gigantic and Late Night Radio

Back with another edition of In the Mix, a feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from local producers and DJs. This week, we feature Mantaray's set from Denver Disco a few weeks ago, Spencer Foreman and DJ Wushu's latest hip-hop/dance mix-up, Big Gigantic collab with Cherub and a fresh cut from Late Night Radio. Continue on to get the drop.

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Mantaray - "Live At Denver Disco, 1/17/14" (part 1) Part one of the Mantaray's (aka Julian Burke) disco set at Denver Disco a few weeks ago shows much promise. It's a strong summer mix, and things really heat up once the tracks get deep in the house feel. The steam dissipates in the opening, but once you hit the nine-minute mark, you're sure to lose it again. Some tasty panpipes come in a few minutes later... and, well, we'd love to tell what happens throughout the whole thing, but give it a listen while you let the car warm up, and once the car is heated, your ears will be, too.

Spencer Foreman and DJ Wushu - "WTF Vol. 1" Coming with a hot mix of throw back rap, Foreman and Wushu put together a mix that stirs up memories of cologne-scented gymnasiums and first kisses. Keeping things poppin' with "Bubble Butt," the two waste no time in getting the ladies on the floor. Next up comes Tribe Called Quest, followed by some JayZ, and the fellas bring the sexy on strong with some TLC. Basically, this mix is a make-out guarantee if you feel like creeping around town with your boo.

Big Gigantic feat. Cherub - "The Night Is Young" Having strayed far from its original sound, Big Gigantic brings a sort of Chromeo-like feel to the airwaves on its latest. Cherub's vocals are perfect for a club floor and sound great coupled with Dominic Lalli's perfect saxophone-over-bass addition. The new sounds coming from Lalli's brain are stellar, and it shows exponential growth on the act's part in terms of artistry.

Late Night Radio - "This Side" Damn! Late Night Radio is not letting up on the throttle. Rising the ranks similar to the likes of GRiZ, Alex Medellin is steady dropping fire with each new release. Each new track carries with it the voice of the young producer, and each one is different in its own right. "This Side" has the feel of an updated '90s hip-hop beat, with a subtle bass-grind and monumental horn section. Sure, Pretty Lights raised the bar with a live band, but he's also opening doors for producers like Late Night Radio to experiment with more instrumentation in music, rather than relying on the same old techniques.

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