New local dance mixes from Kill Paris, option4 + Caveman Sound, Paper Diamond and Samples

Welcome back to another edition of In the Mix, our semi-new feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from some of the hottest Colorado producers and DJs. This week, we've got some great mixes from Kill Paris, option4 and Caveman Sound, Paper Diamond and Ben Samples. Continue on to get the drop on what's good.

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Far East Movement - "There Will Be No Rain" (Kill Paris Remix) Kill Paris is crushing the game now that he's living in Colorado. This song is lovely -- albeit heavy hitting on the drop -- but lovely, nonetheless. It's just one of those shoulder-roll beats that comes with a booty-dropping drop, all with the vocals of Sha Sha Jones and void of the sub-par rapping.

option4 x Caveman Sound - Exclusive Mix Option4 and Caveman Sound have brought a great mix to the table. It's jumps in and out of some dope house tracks, as well as some great garage sounds. Mid-set, At about the 35-minute mark for the chance to you can hear Option4's latest release.

PAPER DIAMOND - 2014 Tour Mix Alex Botwin is gearing up for tour right now, but not before laying down this pre-tour mix to get things primed. It's full of trap, hi-hats and 808s, and some killer Paper Diamond cuts you'll only hear in the live show. Also, keep your ear out for the dope rap drops -- namely Ludacris's and Trina -- that effortlessly blends out of Dirty South styles into massive trap drops.

Ben Samples - "Renegade" Samples just dropped a tasty EP consisting of seven classic rock songs, all with a healthy dose of Samples bass and glitch. For this cut, you'll have to listen to the entire selection to understand that Ben Samples is a renegade producer, taking whatever he wants and turning it into banging dance track.

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