New Music from Amazing Twin, the outfit formerly known as Old Radio

Old Radio, a prominent member of the Hot Congress collective and generally excellent band, has finally finished its debut recording.

The band is slated to release the new EP, titled New Wives' Tale, this Thursday during Hot Congress's final night of residency at the Meadowlark. You can hear the title track exclusively below.

The guys are also changing their name from Old Radio to Amazing Twin. For more on that, we turn to singer/guitarist Patrick Kelly and guitarist Lucas Johannes.

"One thing we did like about Amazing Twin," declares Johannes, "was the subtle hint that somewhere there is an unseen, non-amazing twin."

Kelly also recently discovered another band named Old Radio, from Indonesia. "We didn't want to get confused with the punk gods of Bekasi, Indonesia," he says. "Shit, we should have called the band the Punk Gods of Bekasi, Indonesia."

Don't think the unfortunate timing is lost on them. "Last night at band practice, we were torturing Lucas by saying we were gonna change the name again, to Houndstooth Shadow," says Kelly. "But if we do, don't worry: We'll wait until right when we're coming out with a record as Amazing Twin, then we'll change the name again so as to really confuse people. That's how I like to do business."

Thursday's show at the Meadowlark will also feature a one-off performance by poet Ken Arkind accompanied by Kelly's Mostly Ghostly ambient project, along with Night of Joy (featuring our own Bree Davies) and Fingers of the Sun. Doors open at 9 p.m.


"New Wives' Tale" - Amazing Twin

"New Wives' Tale" - Amazing Twin

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