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New Park Burger in RiNo/Ballpark Neighborhood Will Host Live Music

Since Jean-Philippe Failyau opened his first Park Burger location in Platt Park about five years ago, he's opened a Park Burger in Highland, Park & Co. in Uptown, and a Park Burger in Hilltop. He's scheduled to open his biggest location yet next month, at 2601 Walnut Street in the RiNo/Ballpark neighborhood, where he plans to host live music.

Peter Nolan, Park Burger's director of operations, says the new location will have some live music on the weekends and might have a night devoted to bluegrass and a night for reggae acts during the week. Nolan says they're tossing around the idea of having a karaoke night as well. He notes that the live music won't happen early in the evening; the plan is for the restaurant to transition into more of a neighborhood bar as dinner ends.

Part of the reason for hosting live music at the new spot, Nolan says, is that it will be a good match for the neighborhood. "If you go to any of our Park Burgers, all [of them] fit the neighborhood," he adds. "We wanted to do the same here."

Nolan says the new restaurant will basically be a souped-up Park Burger.There are 2,400 square feet inside and a 1,700-square-foot patio, with five garage doors to make if feel like one big space. Not only will the new Park Burger be the biggest in the chain, but it will have the biggest selection of beers, with 36 drafts (Nolan says they plan to make it the most unique beer selection in RiNo). There will also more TVs, and it will be open the latest, possibly until midnight during the week and until 2 a.m. on the weekends.

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