New Year's Eve Sucks. Tell Us Why.

Let's be real: New Year's Eve sucks. You plan for weeks, trying to find the hot spot to plunge into the new year — or at least to drown last year in a vat of cheap champagne. And let's not mention the time spent wrangling your friends to pay you back for the tickets. Bless your heart if you've actually enjoyed a romantic New Year's, or even one that came anywhere near the hype. For the rest of you, join us in celebrating the final day of the calendar year for the disaster it is — you could win cash! Did you crowd-surf at a midnight show and lose your crew in the process? Did a DJ pop a bottle on-stage and the cork shrapnel gave you a black eye? We want to hear about it!

Our annual New Year's Guide will be inserted in the December 17 issue of Westword  and posted on, full of information about what to do* around town on December 31. But the special feature will also showcase your stories of New Year's nightmares. 

Yes, we're bringing back our My Best/Worst New Year's Eve Essay Contest! All you need to do is share your worst — or best — New Year's Eve experience in an essay that's between 100 and 1,000 words, and send it to [email protected] no later than midnight Sunday, December 6. The winning essay will be rewarded with $100 and publication in our 2015 New Year's Eve Guide. (Runners-up will each receive $50.)

*For those of you with hope left in your hearts, we're still seeking suggestions of events that should be included in our New Year's Eve Guide. If you know of an offbeat event or a great show where you really need to be when the clock strikes twelve, send all the details to [email protected] by 9 a.m. Monday, December 7.

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Katie Moulton is a former Westword music editor. She's written about culture for alt-weeklies since 2009 and has also worked as a venue manager, radio DJ/producer and festival organizer. Her go-to karaoke jams are "Flagpole Sitta," by Harvey Danger, or "Ride Wit Me," by Nelly, which tells you a lot.
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