Nick Cave is supposedly penning The Crow remake -- here's five musicians we'd like to see tackle other movies

Rumors have been swirling recently that Nick Cave may have signed on to rewrite the screenplay for The Crow remake (ouch that sentence hurts our heads). Cave is a favorite around here for his music, but we're a bit hard pressed to find anyone who's actually made it through a piece of his fiction.

His screenplay credits do include the rather excellent The Proposition, though, so it can't be all bad. While we haven't been able to track down a concrete confirmation on this news we figure it's cool enough to start imagining other pairings.

There have been countless musician/writer crossovers over the years -- which is why we've collected a list of five musicians we'd like to see rewrite old movies. It's all taking place after the jump.

05. Keith Thornton (Dr. Octagon, Kool Keith, Ultramagnetic MCs) - Child's Play It's about time the self-proclaimed horrorcore inventor puts his money where his mouth is -- and we're arguing he should do so on the inevitable remake of Child's Play. Sure, the series has seen attempts at reboots over the years -- but if they're ever going to take on a full-blown remake of the twisted doll's story, we can't imagine anyone better suited for the series' blend of sex, humor and horror than Keith Thornton.

04. Daniel Dumile (MF Doom) - Fantastic Four This is a bit of a no-brainer actually; based on his namesake alone, this would work -- that, and the fact that Dumile is obsessed with comics and other forms of nerdom. Regardless of what history has told us, we still think a Fantastic Four movie can work -- and with someone completely off the beaten path behind the screenwriting helm, we'd probably see something new and interesting.

03. Chris Eaton (Rock Plaza Central) - Terminator Chris Eaton's already got a few books out -- and no, they're not science fiction. Even still, there's something about the lyrics and music in Rock Plaza Central that screams Terminator to us. Although it's probably unjustified, we'd still like to see it happen -- even if the result was more Fight Club and less Terminator.

02. Colin Meloy (The Decemberists) - Moby Dick We haven't the foggiest of clues if Meloy could write a screenplay or not -- but judging from the Decemberists output, it seems feasible enough. Combine that with Meloy's penchant for all things nautical, and it just makes sense to have him pen a remake of Moby Dick. After all, high school kids will always need an updated version of the movie to watch so they don't have to read the book.

01. Tom Waits - Alice in Wonderland We've already seen Waits take on the author in the album Alice, and we've already seen one remake fall apart at the seams. So if we could erase Burton's Big Mistake and replace it with some magic penned by musician and occasional actor Tom Waits, we're pretty sure something absolutely amazing would come out of it. Or not. Either way it'd probably be better than that Depp-centric crap-fest.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.