Nigel's rainbow-powered green-screen adventure

This is Nigel. Nigel is a dancer. Just ask him, he'll tell you.

In today's video, Nigel gets his groove on in an audition. And through the magic of green-screen special effects, Nigel's groove is augmented by blasts of rainbow colored awesome.

The video claims to be an outtake from auditions for the multi-city Electric Daisy Carnival tour. Whether it's a genuine audition tape that someone had some fun with or a giant put on, it's doing pretty well as a viral -- it's amassed almost 150,000 views in a week or so.

And damned if it doesn't make Electric daisy Carnival look like a good time -- if there are going to be dudes like this shooting rainbows out of their bodies, how can anyone not go? Check out the video after the jump and judge for yourself -- can anyone resist the charms of Nigel's rainbow power?

Thanks to Joey Mazzotta for the tip!

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