No laughing matter: WTF is going on at 103.1 FM, and what the hell happened to our oldies?

Okay, something truly disturbing is happening right now on the radio -- and, no, we're not talking about that inescapable, goddamned "Call Me Maybe" tune (though that song can suck it, too!). No, there's something far more troubling being broadcast right now on the 103.1 frequency on the FM dial -- you know, the signal where you used to be able to get a daily dose of the golden oldies? Yeah, apparently, that's gone the way of dial-up, or at least regressed back to the AM band.

In its place? A non-stop -- seriously, we first noticed it around 7 p.m. last night and then it inexplicably just kept going...and going...and going -- barrage of cackling laughter and ambient crowd noise. That's it. Nothing else. No music. No commercials. Just people laughing. At first we thought it was the beginning of some awful commercial. It also kind of sounds like the intro of a Pink Floyd song.

Now we think it's a sign of the apocalypse, a message from extraterrestrials who have forcefully commandeered the frequency. Or maybe it's an experiment in dadaism. Who knows? Whatever it is, puhleaze make it stop! Listen to it longer than a minute and you'll lose your ever-loving mind. And God forbid if you're jacked up on any sort of hallucinogens. Whoo, boy! Don't take our word for it. Listen for yourself.

Update: Okay, mystery solved. Evidently, there's a method to the madness. The maniacal masterminds at Lincoln Financial Media (Crusin' Oldies, The Fan, KYGO, KS-107) are preparing to unveil a brand-new station called Comedy 103.1 -- thus the laughing. Clever. Now make it stop!

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