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Oblio Duo gets geeked about releasing its first piece of vinyl

In 2006, Oblio Duo + The Archers established itself as a pillar of Denver's hipster-country scene with The Flag, striking a just-right balance between mellow steel guitars and experimental weirdness. After a long wait, the partners are finally prepping to release a seven-inch split EP with Reno's Flags on Fire in advance of their upcoming, as-yet-to-be-titled full-length. We had coffee with Steven Lee Lawson and Will Duncan, who make up the Oblio part, to talk about the new EP.

Westword: I like the cover art.

Steven Lawson: Yeah, Flags on Fire took care of the art, but it's cool. State birds: Colorado's Lark Bunting and Nevada's...something. Bird.

Will Duncan: The Nevada something bird.

SL: And neither of them have feet. Just floating.

WD: Floating birds. Very ethereal, you know.

SL: I put up a Facebook invite for the release show, and Flags on Fire said, "Wish we were there." And I was like, "Aw, yeah, me too."

WD: Yeah, that'd be awesome.

What attracted you to the idea of releasing a split seven-inch? It's kind of an impractical medium, it seems like.

WD: I think they're cool. And it seemed like a really good idea to do it with a band that we liked from someplace else. And just sort of trying to play music and make music and do interesting things with it is what makes it fun. It seems like spending too much money on something that's impractical is just kind of the way we've done it a lot of the time.

SL: The really nice thing about doing a split with a band from somewhere else is I feel like you have a wider reach, if you know what I mean. And then it's kind of like they're on your team. So hopefully we'll conquer all the area between here and Reno.

WD: Close in on it.

SL: Like Genghis Khan.

WD: It wasn't really supposed to happen. I mean, we were recording a full-length record, and we had been doing it for a while —

SL: Like five years.

WD: And we were talking about spending all our money on that. And then we realized that this was actually going to happen. So we did this.

SL: And now the plan is, hopefully, at this release, we'll sell a bunch to fund the full-length.

Have you guys released anything on vinyl before?

SL: No, this is the first one, which really made me dork out about it, just being on vinyl. Getting the test pressing was really exciting for me.

WD: [Laughs] I know, right?

SL: But hopefully, it won't be the last. I just love the way it looks.

WD: Looks, feels, smells. Sort of cuts into your skin, if you put it on your lap just right.

SL: Plus, I think vinyl has a little more staying power — with audiophiles. That's the word, right? Audiophile?

WD: I don't know.

SL: Someone who's obsessed, like that Mr. Show skit: [Doing the voice] "I only listen to things on victrola."

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