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Of Montreal at the Ogden Theatre, 10/24/10

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Throughout the show, a cast of costumed characters found their way onto the stage: gas-masked swordsmen; people wearing full body suits with black and white checkerboard patterns; angels; pig people; people with small skull masks and those with skull masks that fit entirely over the head. Barnes and company must've had a field day thinking this stuff up to bring some color and bizarro drama to the proceedings.

At one point, the checkerboard people surfed the crowd, while Barnes came back on stage later riding something made up of four people mostly covered by a wrap to make them look like a four-headed, eight-legged creature. After dismounting from it, Barnes suddenly had huge, silvery wings that he twirled around him, with two other performers on stage with wings of their own.

Over the course of an hour and a half, the band lost no momentum, as Barnes danced in a myriad of ways the entire time. At the end of the main set, a creature with a bullet-shaped head that had been on stage earlier ejected a stream of white feathers from its head out into the audience for a handful of minutes, completing the wildly festive environment Of Montreal seems to bring to every show. But these people didn't want to leave us hanging, and Barnes and the band came back on stage to do a medley of Michael Jackson songs, beginning with "Thriller" and ending with "Pretty Young Thing."

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