OK Go delivers another new, snazzy, sure-to-go-viral video for "White Knuckles"

The new OK Go video for "White Knuckles" is premiering today, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, but you don't have to wait (or watch Ellen); we've got you covered. Like the act's past batch of videos, this one is clever, funny and shot in one continuous take. You'll like it. You'll send it to all of your friends. And OK Go will continue to carve out one of the most enviable niches on the modern pop music scene because of it.

Yes, OK Go is technically in danger of becoming a novelty act known strictly for its viral videos. But in an age where no one can sell albums and the hardest part of a music career is getting anyone to pay attention to you among the billions of other acts clamoring for your earspace, OK Go has a nice racket going. Write catchy if somewhat disposable singles, create relatively cheap and sure-to-go-viral videos for them, and voila! -- millions of people hear your songs (and tens of thousands go buy them on iTunes or maybe come to a show, hopefully). Nicely played, OK Go. Nicely played, indeed.

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