Omens go European

Ah, Europe. Home of tiny mustaches, hot yet unshaven women and an entirely too-forgiving stance toward child rapists with artistic achievements. And, of course, a firm appreciation of American-style garage rock, which we assume is the reason that the Omens are headed over there for a ten-day whirlwind tour (well, that and those hot, hairy women).

The boys will be hitting the Netherlands, France and Spain, ending with the Subterranea festival on Halloween (does Europe celebrate Halloween? I don't know, I'm pretty provincial). You can get a sneak peek at the advertising for one date on that flier up there, which nicely appropriates a picture of Damien from the Omen. And says something at the bottom about "St Assiscle" which should be a band if it isn't.

You can help celebrate the band's good fortune this Friday, October 2, when they play a tour kickoff show at the hi-dive. The Getdown opens up for them and the party will set you back $8. Go out and show them your support and who knows, maybe they'll send you a dirty postcard from one of those brothels in the Red Light district when they pass through the Netherlands. Oh, and congratulations on the tour, guys.

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