OneRepublic gives all its secrets away

In case you haven't heard, OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder is giving all his secrets away. Well, ahem, not just his secrets, it seems, but ours', too. Just got a peek at the new clip for "Secrets," OneRepublic's latest single -- which Jerry Bruckheimer just picked up for his next film Sorcerer's Apprentice, due out later this summer -- and wouldn't you know it, Tedder and company make our beloved Denver look all sorts of cosmopolitan, like the Queen City on the Plains is the place to be and whatnot.

We all know, of course, this is indeed the place to be, but now so will everyone else thanks to Tedder and company. Guess we can't blame the dude. Clearly, he's as fond of this place as we are, which is why he's hanging his hat here these days, building a state of the art recording facility, and presumably why he chose to film this clip here last fall all over LoDo, at Union Station, on 17th street and on the Wynkoop's patio, instead of, say, LA or New York.

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