Los Mocochetes Bring the Revolution to First Friday at OMF

Los Mocochetes
Los Mocochetes Michael Angelo Sandoval
Open Media Foundation hosts its next monthly free Open Music Session event on Friday, October 6, which will showcase Eldren, the award-winning psychedelic space-pop band. That act has shared a stage with the Cold War Kids, Imagine Dragons and Cursive, among many others.

The September Open Music Session welcomed Los Mocochetes, a Chicano funk band that says its members "use their music to inspire and encourage positive social change, and they have a ton of fun along the way! Music is medicine, laughter is medicine, community is medicine. Come and get your love." The song "El Mocochete," in which Spanish and English combine with a mashup of world music styles, highlights what the group is about:

The musicians introduce "Revolución" as "the type of of protest music that makes you want to shake it — "the kind of protest music where folks don't even know they're part of the revolution." It's true, too: The lyrics might be rabble-rousing and incendiary (there are references to Donald Trump and capitalism in there), but it's disguised by the most dance-friendly tune.

Listen to more of Los Mocochetes' music library, and download and remix the band's Open Music Session songs below.

About Open Music Sessions:
Every month, Westword joins Open Media Foundation and Greater Than Collective to bring you Open Music Sessions, a video series aimed at introducing people to bands and providing context for their music. Every First Friday, we bring a band to the Open Media Foundation studio at Seventh and Kalamath and record a performance. In addition to broadcasting the show live on the Denver Open Media TV stations (Comcast channels 56, 57 and 219), we edit the clips for certain songs. You'll also find additional information about the band and the recordings of individual instruments on select songs, which you are welcome to download in order to create remixes or simply to learn more about the way the music is constructed.
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