Indie-pop duo Optycnerd.EXPAND
Indie-pop duo Optycnerd.
Chris Scott

OptycNerd Drops New Music Video for "Days Are Done" on YouTube Premiere

Denver indie-pop duo OptycNerd will release the music video for its single “Days Are Done" at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, November 16, via YouTube Premiere. Viewers can count down the hours until showtime and tune in to watch the video by clicking on the following link: "Days Are Done" Premiere.

Released as a single on November 2, "Days Are Done" is a high-energy song a bit more on the pop side than anything off duo Chris Scott and Chris Kimmel's last EP, 2017's Nonfiction. Yet it isn't out of place in the band's catalogue, either, as the group is known for making music that borrows pieces from different genres: hip-hop beats, electro-pop synthesizer tones and radio-friendly, catchy sing-along choruses.

Made entirely by Kimmel and Scott, the music video was shot in Scott's home and shows the duo cycling through various activities: playing music, dancing in front of colorful backdrops, drinking, playing an intense game of cards, more drinking, and eventually holding a puppy. 

"We wanted it to be pretty color-intensive," says Kimmel. "We had two LED strips set up like a backdrop in Chris’s kitchen and just experimented with colors. It’s kind of like a fun, dance-y song, so we wanted to mirror that in the video and then just incorporated a bunch of different household props."

The video has the feel of two friends playing around in front of a camera and figuring things out on the fly, because that's precisely what is happening.

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“We had this whole plan for the video, and when we started setting up the shots, it just wasn’t working out well," he says. "We wanted to incorporate props in some way. The card game is sort of the knell of the song, and that just came out of messing around.”

Much like Facebook Live or Instagram Live, YouTube Premiere will give fans the opportunity to watch and react to the video in real time. People will be able to comment during the video and interact with Kimmel and Scott throughout.

“Our plan is to be present when we premiere, and hopefully there’s a good turnout and people are into it and we can answer their comments," Kimmel says.

OptycNerd "Days Are Done" Music Video Premiere, 7:30 p.m. Friday, November 16, YouTube Premiere.

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