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It's all Katrina, all the time at fundraisers around town -- except on Thursday, September 22, and Friday, September 23, when music lovers will flood Cricket on the Hill (1209 East 13th Avenue) to show support for owner Chris Rawles, who's given local music plenty of support over the years. Rawles has been diagnosed with acute leukemia, and all proceeds from the door these two nights -- as well as from an auction that includes lots of tasty band and club donations -- will go to Rawles and his family. For the lineup, see Critic's Choice, page 82.

Okay, now back to Katrina. The Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition kicks off the two-part "Kickin' Katrina to the Curb" on September 22, at Kilimanjaro (2648 South Parker Road, Aurora); for details, see page 38. Dazzle (930 Lincoln Street) completed its 32-hour music marathon for hurricane relief at 12:01 a.m. September 19. Manager Donald Rossa managed to count the cash before he fell asleep; the event raised $8,100 that will be split between Rocky Mountain Relief and Volunteers of America.

Many local musicians donated their time, as did Rene Marie, the renowned jazz vocalist who knows what it's like to relocate to a strange town. Last fall, she started thinking it was time to leave Atlanta; at a New Year's party, she decided on Denver, when a friend said he had a great apartment open in Aurora. By January 13, she was living here -- and loving it. "I went out and listened to music for three months, every night," she says; the September 17 gig at Dazzle was her first booked at a local club, although she's performed at festivals in Colorado and at clubs across the country and overseas. When Rossa decided to hold a fundraiser this past weekend, she threw the fees from her already-scheduled shows into the donation box.

During her second set, the singer was going with the flow with a song about the Colorado River, which she wrote after her first rafting trip a few weeks ago, when she discovered that four of her fellow rafters were in the audience. By the end, everyone was singing along. Welcome to Colorado, Rene.

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