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Pan Astral wants to help connect people in RiNo -- the neighborhood that inspires the band

Pan Astral has been on the rise in the Denver music scene, partly thanks to their commitment to incorporating visual art with their musical talents. They have found the RiNo District to be the perfect home base for that combination.

"The RiNo District is blowing up for sure, and the reason we're playing there is because of the galleries," says Gabe Otto, the band's front man. "The galleries, for us, are huge. This band is very visual and we have visuals every time we play."

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In addition to actually playing one-off shows in some of the galleries, Pan Astral is planning to host a more elaborate night of wine, beer, art and music sometime in September. The band has been working to involve several members of the community. "Pan Astral is going to be headlining. We've spoken with the board of directors, and a lot of the galleries about working together to create a sweet concert," Otto says.

One of Pan Astral's goals is to bring together members of the RiNo community in general. "You can go to Fox News and find out the way the world is. You can go to the New York Times and find out the way the world is. Or, you can go out your front door and you can go talk to your damn neighbor," says Otto. "And you can say, 'What's up? My names Gabe. Hey, what's your name? I've never met you in the ten years I've lived here.' That's what it's about. If you want to know about the world, go out your front door, take a walk."

Pan Astral's next show is May 8 at the Summit Music Hall. Stay tuned for their presentation in the RiNo District in September.

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