Paper Bird captures our hearts with construction paper and string

For a flier to get a nod in this space, it's either about technique or execution. This week, it's a little of both. The flier -- touting Paper Bird's show this Saturday with Princess Music and A.Tom Collins at the Gothic Theatre -- is so damn adorable, it captured our hearts immediately.

Clearly, the most striking thing about this flier is the fact it's actually just a photo of some threaded together Etsy-goodness. Usually, photos and fliers go together about as well as a wolverine in a polar bear pen, but in this case, it's a fine pairing. Handmade is a movement Denver has been behind for a long while, and this flier, made from string, construction paper and lined paper, is just about the cutest thing we've seen in recent memory.

By the very nature of it, there are some readability issues, the date, for instance, isn't exactly the most noticeable thing. It's still readable enough, though, with a little context (like what month it is right now), you can figure out it's April 2.

As for the bands, it's a pretty solid representation of what to expect from the music itself. Paper Birds and Princess Music are a perfect fit for the cutesy design, and A. Tom Collins, who'll be celebrating the release of its new EP, Oh No!, could certainly be exemplified in thread and paper.

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