Patrick Dethlefs Daytrotter session released

Moving to Colorado from Washington state just a few years ago, singer-songwriter Patrick Dethlefs has already nestled in with some good company -- Laura Goldhamer and the women of Paper Bird, to be exact. (Goldhamer was behind the recording of his 2010 debut,

Stays the Same

, while Paper Bird provided backing vocals.) Now, the barely 21 year old is celebrating his turn over at Daytrotter, which was recorded in May and released over the holiday weekend.

Dethlefs' five-track session is available now for free download over at Daytrotter, and gives the Kittredg resident's old timey voice the perfect platform. It is sort of hard to believe this guy has only been on this planet since 1990 -- backed by a banjo and cello, or just his own guitar, Dethlef's storytelling style comes across with the depth and complexity of a man twice his age.

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