Pictureplane gets Lovepump love from HEALTH with a live version of "Goth Star"

Just in time for his tour with Sleigh Bells -- which kicks off tomorrow at the Clubhouse in Tempe, Arizona -- Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane, gets a little love and viral video exposure from Lovepump United labelmates HEALTH. The Los Angeles dudes did a clean, flattering version of "Goth Star" at a recent show in Moscow, adding some heaviness to Egedy's slow-motion jam from his 2009 Lovepump United debut, Dark Rift. HEALTH vocalist Jake Duzsik's soft coo is a dead ringer for Egedy's sunny vocals, and while the Fleetwood Mac sample is definitely present, drummer BJ Miller adds another dimension with live beats. Click through to see the original version.


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