Pictureplane's Top 5 moments and feats

You can't help but love Travis Egedy. The Pictureplane maestro is always up to something. He's always got a smile on his face and doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks. His latest hijinks involve him going door to door at a hotel inviting unsuspecting guests to a concert. In his hotel room. Click through for footage of that and see where it ranks on our list of the top five moments and feats of Denver's own based god.

5. Pictureplane Tweets An ongoing catalogue of weirdness, Mr. Plane engages us with not only his thoughts on the universe, but how it feels when airport security fondles his crystals. For a more detailed look at his greatest tweets, we broke a few down late last year, when Egedy was performing in Alaska -- and setting couches on fire.

4. Pictureplane aids Lil B's rising star Both fans of making the Internet blow up with their art, Pictureplane reached out to the former member of the Pack and released a reality-laden remix of Lil B's "Real Life" track. As with anything he takes a liking to, Pictureplane shouted his admiration for his Bay Area psychic twin from social-networking rooftops -- undoubtedly getting rap fans and post-dance-neo-acid-P.L.U.R. kids alike to pay attention.

3. Pictureplane invents "Witch House" A pop cultural phenomenon and a point of contention for musicians and the music bloggers who love them, the term witch house surfaced in 2009, with Pictureplane using it as description for his own mystical jams. The hub of hip, Pitchfork, picked up and dissected the term, as did The New York Times. Baby daddy of witch house or not, Egedy pushed the genre far beyond the reaches of chillwave's popularity.

2. Pictureplane incites baby powder riot While the exact details of whether Pictureplane's exit from the stage on the night of April 14 were by choice or by force are unclear, one thing is certain: The show was unforgettable. Opening for Crystal Castles at a sold-out Fillmore East in New York, Pplane did his thing -- this time using baby powder and whips. We're not sure if coating the crowd, the sound system and every available inch of space with baby powder was his plan, but a virtual twitter paper trail led us to believe that the events of that evening were no doubt going to be totally insane.

1. Pictureplane does whip-its, asks hotel guests if they like raves Mr. Plane is really good at making entertaining trouble all on his own, but Pacific Northwest reppers Into The Woods TV wanted to see his they could help take his shenanigans to the next level. As promised with any Egedy-infused event, the video is a short trip through a hotel's hallways as the always smiling raver man attempts to collect people (moms and kids, hopefully) for his room party. The result is a wild success, complete with confused looks, people in wigs, and of course, trance anthems.

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