Pink Hawks provide no hawks, plenty of pink on their album release flier

Pink may very well be one of the most underused colors on fliers, and there isn't a real logical reason for it. It pops out in ways that draw your eyes immediately, and it offers a welcome change of pace to the usual color scheme. Of course, when your band is called Pink Hawks, you'd better have pink mixed in there somewhere.

Other than the pink, the most striking thing about the flier for Pink Hawks' release show is the disjointed balance. You don't actually know where you're supposed to be looking when you first glance at it. Sure, the date on the top is going to be the first think you notice, but then the lines lead your eyes in two different directions. The lines, in case you're curious, come directly from Joshua Mays's fantastic album cover. Shima.

There is probably some design mantra against the tactic employed here, but we're digging it anyway. It forces you to spend a bit more time with the flier. For what it's worth, we could have done without the bugs. The strangely placed lines and text do plenty to gather attention.

We've mentioned this in the past, but we're fans of the cardboard/brown paper bag background on fliers, for no other reason than it inevitably gives the flier a more handmade feel. The look and feel of this one certainly fits all the bands on the bill, and although you probably can't glean exactly what type of show this is going to be, you'll know for certain it'll be a little to the left of normal sounds.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.