Pokémon rap song gets all the Mankey in with innuendo

Sometimes it's not so much about the music as it is the idea. Case in point: The above song, "The Birds and the Beedrills," by White Licorice and Sad Panda, is not a good rap song. It doesn't have particularly intriguing beats. It does, however, manage to pack in the names of 151 Pokémon (for those of you that may have forgot, they are the brightly colored monsters-in-a-ball that made their biggest strike on American checkbooks in the '90s) into the song in form of sexual innuendo.

If you've seen Pokémon names before, you'll likely recognize a few of the choices here (Harden, String Shot), but even though White Licorice is the farthest thing from a good rapper since Violent JJ, his wordplay is spot on. In fact, you can snag all the lyrics here.

Some of our favorites included: "Playing with those jigglypuffs, trying veno-not to Squirtle," and "Here I thought we were like two Caterpies in a Metapod." Yeah, yeah, it's immature, a bit sexist and incredibly ridiculous -- but what did you expect from the headline?

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