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With an acronym that could either stand for Piece of Shit or Product of Society, P.O.S. sounds more '80s hardcore throwback than hip-hop backpack. As it turns out, the latest MC from the Rhymesayers crew to bust out of the Twin Cities is a little of both. While rap-rock hybrids rarely work, P.O.S. brings a punk sensibility to his raps that manages not to suck, in part because his influences don't cater to the lowest common denominator. Refusing to meet either genre halfway, the MC is at his best when he mixes dark humor and vitriolic slogans to beats that sound like Big Black, such as on "Half-Cocked Concepts," from his just-released Audition. Although P.O.S started out as a punk-rocker and still fronts a punk band, it was with his Doomtree collective -- founded with his friend Kai, whom P.O.S. met after kicking him in the head while crowd-surfing -- that he's made his voice heard as an MC. When you listen to his new record, it is clear that P.O.S is one of the few artists capable of passing the punk-rap audition.
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James Mayo