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Piece Of Shit. Product Of Society. Pissed Off Stef. Regardless of what the letters stand for, Stefon Leron Alexander stands for emotive rhymes, inventive beats and the uniquely self-effacing rap of the Twin Cities. P.O.S. began his musical career with Minneapolis punks Cadillac Blindside and Building Better Bombs, but it wasn't until his 2004 rap debut that folks outside of Hüsker Dü's home town started to pay attention. On this year's Audition, the rock-weaned hip-hop upstart avoids rap-rock cliches, slicing up his punk-rock past with an angst-filled flow that cuts his own flesh as deep as his enemies' and owes debts to fellow Midwesterners Slug and Eminem. While DJ Turbo Nemesis cuts beats that stumble, stagger and swagger, guest spots by the Bouncing Souls' Greg Attonito and the Hold Steady's Craig Finn keep one foot firmly in rock and roll. A renaissance rapper to be reckoned with, P.O.S. shows off his guitar, bass and keys skills while rhyming about self-doubt and suicide girls with sincerity and self-awareness. You might call it Pretty Original Stuff.
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