Pretty Lights just keep getting brighter and brighter

To see the following that Pretty Lights has established at this point is a bit staggering, isn't it? Last month, Derek Vincent Smith -- who makes music under the name Pretty Lights -- sold out three back-to-back dates in Denver, Boulder and in his hometown of Fort Collins at the Ogden, Fox and Aggie, respectively. And that's solely been on word of mouth. Not sure if you noticed, but there hasn't been some super extensive marketing campaign associated with Pretty Lights. It's all been on a grassroots, each-one-teach one basis. And it's not just here at home that dude is getting massive. Check out this footage from a Pretty Lights show in Knoxville a few weeks ago that we just came across on iClips (you can preview the set or purchase it for $5). From the looks of it, Smith and company packed a place the size of the Fillmore. Unreal and totally deserved. If you haven't already, download the new Pretty Lights album, Passing By Behind Your Eyes, as well as the rest of the catalog. It's free, so the price is most certainly right.

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