Q&A with Micky Braun of Micky and the Motorcars

Micky and the Motorcars, led by Micky Braun, bring their rowdy brand of country rock to the Grizzly Rose tomorrow night. On the surface, the young Texas band's success might appear to have come relatively easy but ask any hardcore Micky and the Motorcars fan and they'll point out every small town beer soaked juke joint from the Canadian border to the tumbleweeds of south Texas the band got their start in. What's perhaps most amazing about the earned success of Micky and the Motorcars is the lack of mainstream country music media support -- the band has grown almost purely by word of mouth. Colorado has been a mainstay for Micky and the Motorcars for a few years now, and Friday's Grizzly Rose show represents the biggest show yet for the band. Motorcars frontman Braun was gracious enough to answer a couple of questions in advance of their biggest Colorado show yet. Read the short interview after the jump.

Westword (Dutch Seyfarth): This your first time playing the Grizzly Rose in Denver?

Micky Braun: Yes it will be our first time to the Grizzly Rose, but we were booked there in April and got stuck in Laramie Wyoming in a snow storm and were forced to cancel.

WW: Can you tell us about your band's early musical adventures coming to Colorado? Any memorable gig stories?

MB: MMC has been touring in Colorado for several years now. We started playing here opening for our friends Cross Canadian Ragweed and have loved touring the state ever since. Colorado crowds are always a rowdy and fun time.

WW: After all these years as a touring musician, what's the rowdiest, craziest, most off the wall gig you've ever played?

MB: One time in a town south of Houston the entire bar including the staff got into a brawl it was like something you would see in a western -- or on The Dukes of Hazard. I'd have to say that night has always stuck out as a little off the wall.

WW: Who's the most likely band member to take a ride on the Grizzly Rose' mechanical bull?

MB: That could actually be any one of us depending on how much booze is involved.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.