Q&A with Tasos Hernandez and Nick Sanders of Regret Night

Regret Night has been stretching to nipping at the coat tails of Denver's pop scene for a little over a few years now. On stage, the act consistently delivers energetic performances. Living the Night Life, the band's newest, dropping tonight at the Marquis Theater, represents a humbling progression in Regret Night's punk fueled pop. We recently caught up with Nick Sanders and Tasos Hernandez and asked about the new record and where they see Regret Night going.

MP3: "

Lost My Head

Lost My Head

," Regret Night

Westword (Brian Frederick): Tell me about Living the Night Life.

Tasos Hernandez: It was Kyle Black who engineered, mixed and produced. Dale Sebastian Becker was the one who mastered it.

WW: What does the promotion for the album look like?

TH: We have our show at the Marquis, and afterward, we're going on the road briefly for a West Coast tour.

WW: What was different this time around?

Nick Sanders: This one was the first time we actually co-wrote. The first CD we just had the songs and our producer switched little parts. This time with our producer, we completely re-did songs and re-did parts and got more intricately involved with it. We just kinda sat around with one acoustic guitar and went through the whole thing changing parts and melodies.

WW: How long did it take?

TH: It was a gruesome, gruesome thing. We couldn't stay all of the two weeks, so we only had about twelve days with the full band. Me and Nick stayed back the last three days. That's pretty much what we had. It was gruesome. Waking up early and recording all day and at the end going to track it until sometimes four in the morning.

WW: How do you feel it turned out?

TH: I know we're completely happy with the songs. We were nervous before we went in. I thought it was going to be one of those albums that was going to consistently sound the same all the way through. To our surprise and satisfaction, it was different every song, and I'm really proud of that. I'm sure everybody thinks that way too.

WW: So Regret Night is a future rather than just a local band?

TH: Of course. All of us love what we're doing right now and all that we want is to get bigger and expand. We are looking for management, we are looking for a label, we're all looking for something bigger and better and to push ourselves to what we know we can do.

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