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Quickly Rising Colorado Band You, Me & Apollo Is Breaking Up

It has been a big year for You, Me & Apollo. The Fort Collins-based group released its second full-length album Sweet Honey to acclaim and set off on a successful national tour. What should be a joyous homecoming show at Hodi's Half Note at the end of the month will now be a somber farewell show, as the band has decided to end the year by ending You, Me & Apollo.

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The decision didn't stem from one major fight or moment, but just a gradual understanding that it wasn't going to work anymore. There was also some tension about how often the band should tour and how long it should stay on the road. Ultimately, the band's members decided they didn't want to jeopardize their friendships.

"What's more important: relationships or getting your way?" says drummer Tyler Kellogg of the band's disagreements.

The band, which specializes in roots rock and blues, made a splash the moment they appeared on the scene. Their first album was loved by critics and this year they won a national award for their song "I Don't Want To Be Loved." Kellogg says he wants the fans to know that the band mates are all still talking, and are aware of all the support they've had. "It was a really good tour," he says. "Every single show had at least one person that had heard of us and we got to meet a lot of cool people."

Kellogg says no one in the band has big music plans right now, everyone is just going "to take a step back."

The final show will be in Fort Collins, at Hodi's Half Note on December 20 and tickets are available here. The band announced the show and split on Facebook with the following note:

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce the final You Me & Apollo show will take place in our hometown of Fort Collins, CO on Dec 20th. Although, Brent had been performing as a solo artist under the You Me & Apollo moniker previous to this, Hodi's Half Note was where You Me & Apollo had it's inaugural performance as a full band on July 13th, 2011. It only feels right that our last performance as a band also take place on the same stage ... We cannot begin to tell you how much appreciate all of the support we have received throughout the years, we love all of you fine people very much."

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