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Quixote's True Blue: The new Jerry Garcia mural at 314 East 13th Avenue defaced overnight

UPDATE 11/14/12: All right, now this is just disappointing. As you can see from the photo above, sometime between our last update last night and this morning, some unscrupulous person(s) defaced the new Jerry Garcia mural on the east wall of 314 East 13th Avenue, the former home of Bender's Tavern and the current home of Quixote's True Blue. While many folks were clearly displeased with the fact that the iconic rendering of Johnny Cash that previously adorned the wall had been painted over (and expressed as much on Facebook), it's hard to imagine that even as upset as folks might've been that someone would willfully vandalize someone else's artwork -- especially considering that marring the current mural isn't going to bring the original one back. If you haven't been following this saga, continue on to read our original items and to see more photos.

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