Rap-Up: 93.3 KTCL adds hip-hop artist Improv to Top 10

Nowadays, alternative rock station 93.3 KTCL is showing more and more love to hip-hop music on the air. First it was the Flobots being added to daily rotation last year, then it was the addition of Judgemental (of Basementalism) to Ralphie's First Trax show on Saturday mornings (6 a.m.-10 a.m.) that's seen spins of Mobb Deep, Pharcyde and Nas. Now, Colorado MC/producer Improv has been added to the Top 10 band for the station's annual Hometown for the Holidays competition. His song, "Miss Hedonist," is currently in rotation, waiting for requests. It's been a pretty good year for Improv. Back in October, he won the producer battle at the regional Skribble Jam competition in Boulder. But for a lot of folks, they first heard of Improv when he dropped his video for "Lazy." Check it out after the jump -- and good luck to Improv.

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