Rap-Up: Aspen bomb threat ruins Black P's New Year's Eve

Black Pegasus was booked to party up in Aspen on New Year's Eve, but was turned away because of a bomb threat in downtown Aspen. We're sure you heard the story by now. "The whole downtown area was evacuated last night," Black P recounted on Thursday. "The Red Cross made shelters out of high schools for people to sleep in over night because nobody was allowed downtown during the bomb sweep. Due to this craziness I did not have a New Years Eve party, just had to kick in Glenwood Springs.
But I sure am happy to be alive!"

"I have driven through blizzards with The Rza on tour," P continued, "drove through ice storms with DJ Abilities, drove through a tornado to get to a show in WY with Tech N9ne, and drove through Cali fires to do a show with Pharaoh Monch. I did the last show with O.D. B (RIP), got arrested for having my Brass Knux on stage as a stage prop, and now a show canceled because of a mad man with real bombs! I don't know whats next for my career but I have seen it all in the last four years! Y'all be Safe! Lets get it in '09!"

Well, what's next is a new album for 2009. Check it out below.

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