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Rap-Up: host Fight With Tools National Conference

The Flobots are finally home this week but they're not arriving quietly. Along with their New Year's Eve show at the Gothic Theatre, which benefits, the band will be hanging out with more than 100 people from Fight With Tools street teams from across the country at the first official Fight With Tools National Conference. The street team members will be coming together to learn more about social justice, civic engagement and to plan the work for 2009 for 98 different street teams.

"This conference is an important step for us," said Flobots band member Brer Rabbit, aka Stephen Brackett. "We have believed that music can help bring people together, it can empower, it can create, community. This week we are seeing the fruits of putting that belief into practice and we are looking to our colleagues, who have gathered from all points of the map, to tell us how we can do it better."

"This is a time for us to gather as a Fight With Tools community in person in order to engage in a deeper level of anti‐oppression work and to organize ourselves for the upcoming year. It is significant that we are doing this work as a gathered community over the turn of the new year," said Seth Donovan, National Street Team Coordinator of

The conference starts today and will go until Thursday, January 1 from 9am to 6pm at the Graduate School of Social Work  at the University of Denver.

For those unaware, facilitates the social networking website on which individuals engage in conversations about social justice, visions for a better America, and how to make change in local communities. They also have the ability on the site to create groups based on local geographic areas in order to organize on the ground and work together in their local areas.

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Quibian Salazar-Moreno