Roger Waters at the Pepsi Center.EXPAND
Roger Waters at the Pepsi Center.
Chris Walker

Reader: After Roger Waters's Anti-Trump Rant, I Want a Refund

Roger Waters brought his politically charged anti-Trump concert to the Pepsi Center on June 3. It should be no surprise that the long politically active Pink Floyd veteran would take umbrage with the current administration, and Westword's Chris Walker noted that Waters's concert was a relentless jab at the president and his supporters. In "Roger Waters Concert Was Offensively Anti-Trump in a Rock-and-Roll Way," Walker wrote:

"Waters’s show was an utter evisceration of President Donald Trump and American imperialism, so brazenly defiant and offensive that it seemed Waters would have been ecstatic if he succeeded in shocking any Trump sympathizers right out of the arena."

At least one concert-goer did feel alienated by Waters's stance. Writes Jim:

"Thank you, Roger Waters, for taking my $300 to make me a captive participant in your never ending rant against President Trump. Thank you for essentially spoiling a night I had hoped would be a concert to remember. I wonder how you, Roger Waters, would feel if the tables were turned? Would you be happy to sit through a similar self indulgent rant against say Obama or Hillary. No you would not. You would stomp your feet, cry and shout about how such an awful micro aggression has been forced upon you and invaded your "safe space". Fuck you, Roger Waters. You had neither the right nor the privilege to ruin my night of entertainment. Yes, you can refund my ticket."

Are rock concerts appropriate places for musicians to express political views? Let us know what you think....

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