Reader weighs in on the irony of the venue choice for Tuesday's Romney/Ryan Victory Rally

So as many people were stoked for the Romney/Ryan Victory Rally last night at Red Rocks (more than ten thousand folks reportedly showed up and thousands were turned away), not everybody was jazzed for the event, including a group of commenters. "Interesting that a dude who got his start in rap music while hanging out in poor neighborhoods in Detroit supports Romney," wrote Ben Owens. Others got right to the point, proclaiming that this was "guaranteed to be the worst show at Red Rocks all year!" and that it provides "even more reasons to dislike Kid Rock." It was Erik Johnson, though, who pointed out the irony in the choice of venue and posted our comment of the day.

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"Interesting that they're holding their rally at a location that has always been owned by the government, and was entirely built with federal funds, by a welfare-to-work labor force which was arguably FDR's most socialistic program, ever."

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