Reader: Weird Uncle Marilyn Manson Is as Scary as the Easter Bunny

Marilyn Manson performed at the Fillmore Auditorium on January 20.
Marilyn Manson performed at the Fillmore Auditorium on January 20. Brandon Thrift
Marilyn Manson came to town this week, and Westword's Kyle Harris wrote a review titled "Marilyn Manson Just Isn't Scary Anymore." The story garnered various comments from readers on one theme: Marilyn Manson was never scary.  Raye writes:
I must have been at a different concert than this reporter, or maybe he was hitting the pipe too hard. It was sold out and great, considering Manson's foot is still healing. He might have sounded hoarse, because he had a cold- he'd even had to cancel the meet and greet the night before- and yet he still got up there and engaged and put on a great show. I've never found Manson to be scary, just a whole lot of shock value and a flair for the dramatic.
Jaye adds:
Is.... is he supposed to be scary? I’ve just always found him to be kind of kooky.
Rebecca says:
Real life is what's scary. Thirteen kids locked up in a house, starved, shackled, beaten, and deprived of an education, or even language skills blows the shit out of anything MM has ever done.

David weighs in:
He's about as scary as the Easter Bunny. Take that for what it's worth; some people are scared of the Easter Bunny and I've never understood it.
Read on for more of our coverage of Marilyn Manson.
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