Red Hot Chili Peppers give Glee the Heisman. Five other acts least likely to license their music.

In recent years, there's been a parade of artists refusing to license their tracks, whether it's been for use in video games, commercials or television shows. Seems like some of these old timers have sticks up their butts when it comes to relinquishing artistic control and just don't get it.

Case in point: The Red Hot Chili Peppers recently refused to allow Glee to use one of their songs in their trademark mash-up montages. Not that we're gigantic fans of Glee or anything, but we suspect that there's few people buying Red Hot Chili Peppers albums right now that haven't already owned a copy at some point -- and that's assuming anyone is even buying Red Hot Chili Peppers albums at all these days.

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Thorin Klosowski
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