Relive prom with the Inactivists

There's been a lot of prom-themed events lately, from the

Rockbar's '80s Nerd Prom last weekend

to next weekend's John Hughes memorial prom at Starz. But something tells me this weekend's Very Senior Prom, which kicks off at 9 pm. Saturday, August 29 at Moe's BBQ and Bowling, may be the highlight of the hipster prom season. It's part of the Inactivists' CD release for

Love Songs and Other Songs About Love



) and features performances by the Mourning Sickness, Yerkish and, naturally, the Inactivists themselves (they'll be playing the new record in its entirety, apparently). There's a dance contest, a prom king and queen will be crowned and you won't even have to sneak in booze -- you're actually old enough to drink legally now! So put on a powder-blue tux, buy your date a corsage and slow dance the night away like you're seventeen again. You can even print out comp tickets from the

Inactivists website

, leaving you with more money for a sweet limo rental.

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