Reload Productions will host a party featuring DJs from Ram Records on March 23.EXPAND
Reload Productions will host a party featuring DJs from Ram Records on March 23.
DJ Andy C's Facebook page

Reload's 18th Anniversary Party Will Bring Drum and Bass to Denver

Reload Productions, a pioneer of bass-heavy music in Denver, is throwing its eighteenth-anniversary party, bringing the Ram Records crew.

Twenty-five years ago, British DJ Andy C began Ram Records in London, which has become one of the most influential drum-and-bass labels. The DJ and producer has brought this special celebration all over the world with a completely sold out thirteen-week residency at XOYO in London, a headlining set at Let It Roll Festival in Austria and an international weekly radio show on Beats1 radio on Apple Music. Now he's sending some of his best acts to the Mile High City.

On Thursday, March 23, you can catch DJs from Andy C's stable at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom. Bad Company (not the United States rock band) has been smashing dub plates for Ram Records dating back to the late ’90s. After a hiatus, the group has released new music and, as of last year, had done a few shows globally. Loadstar has etched its way from face-smashing drum-and-bass tracks to more melodic songs, like its first single, "I Need the Night," released in January 2017 .

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Without even having a full studio album, Ram Records' DC Breaks has garnered loads of support from U.K. fans and will combine efforts with the likes of Bassnectar, James Newman and Camo & Krooked. Sharp breakbeats and synth riffs combined with a wide variety of reggae, pop and rock music bring this duo to the forefront of dub culture. Slower and more entrancing than most of the crew, Legion comes ready to offer some respite to the high-bpm and bass of the rest of the night.

For those unfamiliar with the drum-and-bass scene, this event offers a variety of dance-inspiring music. Unlike other genres of electronic music, listeners are able to enjoy constant rhythm as the music seamlessly bellows and falls from head-thumping bass to "liquid" trance-like tracks. If you would like to familiarize yourself with the genre before the event, Andy C's Beats1 Radio show on Apple Music offers a history of 25 years of the genre and his label.

If you've never been to a drum-and-bass event, this would be a good introduction.

Reload takes place Thursday, March 23, at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom. Tickets can be found on the Cervantes' website and Reload Productions Facebook page.

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