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Everybody loves a happy ending -- especially fans of the newly reunited duo of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. Their Tears for Fears created a soundtrack for the early '80s, complete with catchy pop rock, synthesizer melodies and overt references to primal-scream therapy -- not just in the act's name, but also in the titles of its first two albums. The Hurting, 1983's debut, introduced audiences to Tears' post-new-wave sound and charted such hook-laden hits as "Change." Songs From the Big Chair, released in 1985, amplified the British boys' sonic success into a "Shout." Less sugary than many of its U.K. compatriots (but just as danceable), Tears for Fears was the thinking man's Wham, and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" ruled on various movie soundtracks, including that of Real Genius. A four-year delay for a third LP, The Seeds of Love, plus friction between Smith and Orzabal, led to reduced record sales; Smith's exodus soon followed. Essentially an Orzabal solo project through the '90s, Tears recently returned to twosome status after Smith replied to Orzabel's online inquiry regarding his whereabouts. Friendship rekindled, the pair began work on this year's Happy Ending -- which is older, wiser and just as musically charming. We'll be "Head Over Heels" when the lads play Macky Auditorium in Boulder this Monday, November 15.
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