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Reverend DeadEye

This self-ordained man of the cloth done it alone: He's got a one-man show, thanks to no one 'cept the Lord. With a busker's style and a vintage sound, Reverend DeadEye plays the kind of hyperbolic, electrified Delta blues that recall modern primitive-roots duos like the Chickasaw Mud Puppies or Doo Rag. (The latter's former frontman, slide luminary Bob Log III, also discovered the simple joys of going it alone.) Like Log, the Rev revs up a batch of juke-joint-flavored white lightning, featuring frenetic six-string strumming, a microphone made from a rusty Falstaff can and a hellfire holler. With his feet freed up to keep time on both kick drum and tambourine, DeadEye stares down heaven and Hades ("Bible Thump"), excoriates the devil's hooch ("Bottom of the Bottle") and laments having missed the glory train alongside his ever-lovin' sweetie ("Baby Won't Let Me Ride"). This fun little four-song EP makes up for any lack of variation with a primal essence that even the Nazarene himself could tap a sandal to.
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John La Briola