Concert Reviews

Review: The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks, 6/30/12


Last night was the perfect date concert at Red Rocks. The heat forced people to drink copious amounts and wear very little. The natural romance of the setting was out in force, with the lights against the rock reaching up to an almost-full moon. And then there was the music. And it was a night for the instruments. Sure, there were the requisite guitars, keyboards, drums, bass...but there were also banjos, cellos and violins, all being utilized to the fullest by musicians who don't just know their tools well, but seemed to honestly love to bring out the full sound of each -- and to sometimes pound the crap out of them like they were Colfax hookers. The Avett Brother's cello bow bore little resemblance to the refined bows from Devotchka -- it was more like Sunday morning walk-of-shame hair.

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Stephanie March
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