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Rexway's third CD, Last Call Scars, delivers the shit-kicking twang-meets-rough-rock that the act's fans find irresistible. A band talked about as much for its inner turmoil as its music, Rexway members Mike Mitchell, Skot Lain, Chris Dockter, Susan Phelan and Craig Dubin have managed to stop squabbling long enough to write and record some solid work for the disc. Leading with a sudsy tribute to the joys of drinking ("Cocktail Ho-Down") and only slowing down for the poignant "Roma Texas" before wrapping up neatly, and acoustically, with "Nothing," Scars is fuel-injected, high-octane backcountry fun from an outfit that has never cared about impressing elitists. With a sound described as "smashing Johnny Cash into Mötley Crüe," Rexway's raucous and rootsy mix can fill a country-dive floor as well as a mosh pit. Garnishing a truck-stop tone with dirty ashtrays, booze breath and a punk-rock snarl, Last Call Scars will definitely give listeners a few marks to remember it by.
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