Rhinoceropolis: Ten Stories About the Legendary DIY Space

A fire at DIY space Ghost Ship in Oakland, California, that killed 36 people has thrust similar artistic communities around the country into the spotlight, and not necessarily for the better. On Thursday, December 8, the Denver Fire Department inspected DIY space Rhinoceropolis and found a variety of code violations. Five artists who had been living there were evicted.

Catch up on the history of the famed RiNo venue, and continue followingWestword for more coverage of DIY venues in and around Denver.

1. Rhinoceropolis in Photos: The Early Years

2. A History of DIY Landmark Rhinoceropolis

3. Rhinoceropolis and Glob in Photos: The Current Era
4. Ghost Ship Tragedy Makes Supporting DIY Spaces Especially Important
5. As Denver Transforms, Rhinoceropolis Remains the Heart of the Underground
6. Musician and Urban Planning Expert on the Economic and Social Value of DIY Spaces
7. Storied DIY Space Rhinoceropolis Lives — So Enjoy It While It Lasts
8. Why Rhinoceropolis Is Hosting a Public Transportation-Themed Dance Party
9. Rhinoceropolis Gets a New Lease on Life
10. There Are No More "First-Ever" Art or Music Festivals in Denver

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